Airplane Birthday Party—Airplane Fruit Skewers—Age 3
Submitted by Pamela from Raleigh, North Carolina

Ever since we took our first trip with him by plane, my child has loved planes. I think he was more excited to be on a plane than he was about the actual trip itself! So I knew a plane themed party would be perfectly suitable for him. These are the details of the party. Invitations: I created a Boarding Pass on my computer and said Prepare for Take-Off! at Brandon’s 3rd birthday party. Please bring your Boarding Pass to Brandon Airlines at (my address) and date and time of the party. Arrive at Gate 3.). Please RSVP to the Flight Attendant (my name). For decorations, I used blue and white as the color scheme. I placed balloons on our front gates and had a sign on our door that said “Welcome Aboard!” Inside, we placed blue tissue paper on the walls and taped white balloons for clouds. I used a blue tablecloth for the table and white cloud placemats that I made. I let the kids get settled and gave out some plane coloring pages and crayons to work on until everyone arrived. Then we went right into the activities since three year olds need to be constantly occupied. We started with Musical Clouds which is sort of like Musical Chairs. We placed clouds around on chairs with one storm cloud. When the music stopped, the kid who sat on a storm cloud was “out.” We didn’t make the kids stop playing though, since they are so young. Instead, they had to pretend to fly around the circle of kids. we played that until they were ready to move on to the next activity. Then they made paper airplanes and I gave out markers and airplane stickers and they played with them for some time.  Lunch was pizza since the slices are in the shape of a plane and I thought that would be fun. I made fruit skewers that sort of looked like planes also. The bottom of strawberries for the nose. Then banana slices for the body and blueberries for the tails. And I placed skewers with blueberries on top of the skewers with the strawberries and bananas for the wings. I wanted to make a airplane cake, so I got a recipe for a cake roll (I got this idea from this site), added white frosting. I placed the cake on a large tray and I formed a nose of the plane with strawberries and formed wings and tails with blueberries. Everyone complemented me on it! After cake, my son got to open his gifts. After all the presents were opened, we played Pin the Cap on the Pilot. Afterwards, we watched the Disney movie Planes. When it was time for them to leave, I gave them their goody bags with toy planes and blue and white colored candy. The thank you cards said “Thank you for flying with us on (name) Airlines. I hope you had a great time.”