Airplane Birthday Party—Age 5—Airplane Kites
Submitted by Susan from Baltimore, MD.

My son asked for a plane party this year. It was his first request for the type of party he wanted and I was more than happy to give it to him.

Invitations: I created Airline tickets on our computer for the invitations. First class ticket on (our last name) Airlines. I typed their name, the departure time (when the party starts) and Gate number (our address).

Decorations: We hung planes from the trees on our front yard. On the door there was a sign that said Gate 5—my son’s age. We made a runway on our property with black plastic and white tape.
In our dining room, we took butcher paper, spay-painted it white and made it look like you were on a plane by securely attaching the ends to the floor and ceiling and taping each end of the paper to the walls, creating a cylinder with the paper. We also cut out “windows” in the paper. We placed white Christmas lights on the floor and on the ceiling like on the plane. I placed one of his airplanes in the center of the table. I created a “runway” on the table with white holiday lights. Other than that, we didn’t have anything else on the table since that’s where they made their airplane kites.

I made pilot badges for them and strung plastic wire through them so they could wear them during the party.

Activities: They made airplane kites and they added two strings to their kites so they could do different tricks and luckily we had a nice wind and the kids were able to fly their kites. They got really good at flying them after awhile and started doing tricks like flying their planes upside down, flying them on their sides and landing them while pulling them down on the runway that we created. The finale was when they landed their planes perfectly on the runway! They had a blast. We played Flying Airplanes like Musical Chairs. I cut out airplanes and placed them on chairs.

Next activity—We divided them into two teams for an Airport security check relay—we gave them rubber bands that we pretended to be watches and empty wallets—Then they had to place suitcase on tables that we had set up, take off their shoes, take off the watches and place the wallets on table. and then collect everything and put their shoes and watches on and the wallets in their pockets.

For lunch, I made sub sandwiches (since they’re shaped like planes) with different kinds of meat and cheeses, wrapped them in plastic wrap and wrote (our last name) airlines on stickers and placed the stickers on the subs. I taped red and blue paper wings   nose and tails on the plastic wrap.

I decorated his birthday cake like a airplane runway with green frosting for grass using a special frosting tip and a chocolate runway in the center with white lines and placed a few of his toy planes on it.

Goody bags: They took their plane kites home with them along with the pilot badges and glider planes.