Ariel the Mermaid Party—Invite Ariel—Age 4
Submitted by Gabrielle of Elizabeth, New Jersey

My daughter adores the Disney princess character Ariel the Mermaid, so I decided that should be the theme for her birthday.

For the party invitations, I folded pink paper in half and cut out a clam design. On the top part of the shell I added a small cluster of pearls. Inside on the top part of the shell, I put a picture of Ariel and on the bottom part added, “There’ll be many treasures from under the sea at  Jessica’s Ariel the Mermaid birthday party.

To decorate for the party, I wanted to create a mermaid cove in the party area. I placed a large shell using a white sheet over a beanbag chair and formed it to look like the bottom of a shell. I cut a large shell shape out of poster board and painted it and placed the shell against a wall. We placed the shell on blue tarp. I hired kid’s party entertainer to come as “Ariel”. This was a surprise for my daughter. I asked the entertainer to call me on my cell instead of ringing the bell when she arrived and asked her to sit in the shell to surprise my daughter, who was completely surprised! I had my daughter promise me she wouldn’t come downstairs until I told her she could. I made sure by keeping her busy with a craft before the party. Thank goodness she listened to me! When she came out and saw Ariel, she screamed with excitement! I’m glad I hired her! When the kids came, Ariel painted sea life on their faces. My daughter loves Ariel and really enjoyed spending time with the her.

We decorated with blue balloons on the floor and white balloons for bubbles. For an added effect to feel like you’re under water, there were blue helium balloons on the ceiling with more white balloons. We placed blue plastic on the walls and taped paper sea life that I printed and taped it to the plastic. I hung a sea life scene setter from Party City. I found an Ariel tablecloth and to save some money, I bought plain blue plates, forks and cups. For the centerpieces, I used glass candle holders with sand and shells.

The first activity was Fish for Treasures. Fish for Shells where my daughter led her friends on a hunt for treasure. I hid boxes with beach colored (blues and greens) beaded jewelry and gold chocolate coins. They got to decorate the boxes with paint and stickers. Then we played Pin the Flower on Ariel. I put up her poster of Ariel on the wall and made paper flowers for everyone to pin on Ariel. Then they went fishing! I cut out fish from colored paper—two fish for each color. I taped half the fish to the floor under the balloons and gave the kids the other fish and asked them to find their matching colored fish under the water. Then it was time for lunch where we had sushi (sandwich wraps with cold cuts cut into bite size) and melon that I cut with star cookie cutters to look like starfish. The last game was Charades. Since Ariel can’t speak, I thought this was a perfectly themed game. I wrote down characters from Disney movies, particularly the princess movies, and they got to act out a character of their choice. My daughter than got to open her presents and it was time for cake. I decorated the cake with sand by covering half of it with crushed graham crackers and colored the rest of the cake with an ocean blue frosting that I made with buttercream frosting and blue tint food coloring. Then I placed pearl candy all around the cake and topped it off with my daughter’s Ariel doll. For favor bags, I gave them sea animal plush toys like dolphins and whales, Ariel coloring pages and crayons and bubbles.