Art Party—Letter Art—Age 8
Submitted by Paige of Seattle, Washington

Invitations—I created a rainbow on a white sheet of paper and underneath the rainbow, said “You’re invited to a Rainbow Art Birthday Party. Bring a smock (smocks will be supplied if you don’t have one).

Decorations: On poster board, I created large rainbows on poster board and hung them on two of the walls. Under each rainbow, I placed flowerpots with pretty paper flowers. For the other two walls I paint-splattered on poster board and hung them up.

On one table, I placed colored candy in mason jars and tied coordinated color ribbon around the jars and laid them on a table to look like a rainbow: pink in one, blue in another, and so on. Then I put out cupcakes with different colored frosting and also laid them out like the rainbow. The girls loved how pretty it all looked.

For the lunch table, I attached crayons to the outside of jars with colorful ribbon and placed large rainbow lollipops in some and crystal rock lollipops in the others. I tied brightly colored balloons to their chairs. I used brightly colored plates and utensils and rainbow colored straws in bright colored plastic cups.

Art Crafts: Here’s a great activity that the kids will enjoy and will love decorating their bedrooms with: Letter Art. I purchased white wooden letters: the first letter of all the girls’ names and put out paint, glitter glue, stick-on gems, and self stick foam pieces in shapes of butterflies, flowers, hearts and stars. They all loved how they turned out and couldn’t wait to take them home and hang them up!!!

I also bought t-shirts for the girls and fabric paint so they could design their own shirts. The adults also helped glue gun craft gems to decorate their shirts with.

After t-shirt decorating, we played Over the Rainbow: We played the game like the Red Rover game but instead of breaking through the chain link arms of children they had to break through a rainbow chain link. We made several rainbow chain links for the game and the girls and other parents thought it was a very creative version of the game!

I made a pizza with beautifully cut up vegetables on top. For dessert, we decorated cupcakes with different colored frosting and candy. I laid out beautiful slices of fruit in the shape of a rainbow.

For the cake, I made a rainbow cake with vanilla frosting and different color frosting that I made to look like rainbow colored paint splatter and when you cut into it were these beautiful layers of rainbow colors!

Gift Art Bags: They were very excited to bring home their newly designed t-shirts and couldn’t wait to decorate their bedrooms with their art initials!