Ballet Party—Ballet Studio—Age 6
Alexa of Grand Rapids, Michigan

Invitations: I took one of the photos of my daughter in her ballerina outfit, placed it on pink paper and wrote “You’re invited to dance the day away at (daughter’s name) Ballet Studio birthday party. No dancing experience necessary. This is all just for fun.” Some of the girls were from her ballet class and some were from her school, so I wanted to make sure that everyone knew it was just for fun.

I hung a sign on the front door that said (my daughter's name) Ballet Studio and placed pink and purple balloons all around the door. The party rooms were decorated with pink and purple balloons and I hung a few pairs of my daughter’s ballet slippers on the walls. I also took my daughters’ ballet posters from her bedroom and hung them up. On the dining room table, I placed red roses in a vase that I was going to give to the girls after their dance. I placed some tulle on everyone’s chair and tied a balloon onto each one.

As the girls arrived, I gave out tiaras that they decorated with gem stickers and wore during their performance. I made them all tutus by sewing elastic onto tulle and aging enough elastic on each end to tie it around their waists. Since I wanted to take pictures of them during their “performance” I gave out foam picture frames with stick-on gems, glitter glue, and pretty stickers so they can place their favorite poses in their frames to take home with them.

I hired her dance teacher to come and show the girls a few steps. She graciously accepted and I was eternally grateful that she made my little girl’s birthday party that much more special! Some of the girls from her class hesitated a bit because they’ve never did ballet before, but with a little encouragement from the others, they started to have fun. After the teacher showed them a few steps, the girls did them on their own both individually and as a group! They all winded up having so much fun, even the newbies! We made sure to take plenty of pictures and even videotaped them! After their performances, we gave them each a rose!

After that, we had a perfect elegant lunch for a ballerina. I served pinwheel sandwiches on to with cold cuts like sliced chicken, honey-glazed ham and bologna, chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered pretzels with pink sprinkles. After lunch, we played freeze dance to some music from Swan Lake and then some pop music that my daughter likes and a game of Pin the tutu on the Ballerina.  I took one her ballerina posters and and cut out paper tutus to place on the dancer.  For my daughter’s birthday cake, I frosted a round cake with pink ribbons that I piped on with frosting and then placed a tiara in the center of the cake. After cake, we had a game of Follow the Ballerina, where my daughter led them in simple steps and the girls followed her lead. At the end, I gave out favor bags with hair barrettes, bracelets and lipgloss, their picture frames and the tiaras they decorated and then placed some tulle on top of the bag like you would tissue paper.