Barnyard Party—Barn House Invitation—Age 4
Submitted by Danielle of Allentown, PA

Invitations: I made the invitation look like a barn house. I took red card stock and I cut the top into a gambrel shape. Then I held the paper horizontally and folded both ends to make barn doors. On the outside, I took some white paint and made a barn door and three windows on top. Inside the doors were farm animals I printed from clip art. I added the party information like the date, time and place inside the card.

Decorations: I made a miniature barn house out of a cardboard that I put together, painted it red with a white barn door and placed a stuffed horse and a duck pond with rubber ducks in a kiddie pool right outside of it. I placed pictures that I enlarged of the rest of the animals on sticks and placed them in the grass. I had pictures of pigs, cows, goats, sheep and chickens. I also placed hay bales around for decorations.

I made hay bale table decorations that also doubled as favors. I tied small bunches of hay/ of beige paper in bunches with twine. I placed double-sided tape to one side of each bunch and taped them to animal cracker boxes and then tied twine around the box so it would be easier for the parents to unwrap them and prevent a mess. Then I made a few additional hay bale boxes that I was keeping and glued small pictures of farm animals to toothpicks and stuck them inside so they stood on top of the boxes.

Games: I placed cow print balloons on the ground so the kids could herd the cows back into the barn house with plastic toy shovels.

They played a game I named the fox and the chicken tag. I created a line with tape and all the children stood behind it. Each kid took turns asking the fox, played by an older kid, how many eggs he had, and each time he was asked, the fox placed a different number of eggs in a basket for the kids to count. If the kids miscounted, they would have to take the number of steps that they called out toward the fox and the fox would try to tag them before they ran back to safety behind the line.

Crafts: Then I told them that we were going to play in the mud. I escorted them into the kitchen where I placed a sign that said Pig Pen: Play in the Mud. This is where I set up a fingerprinting activity.

Then the kids washed up and made farm animal crafts out of cups, toilet paper rolls, etc, cotton balls, pom pons, paper cut into noses beaks, markers, crayons, paint, wiggly eyes and glue.

I decorated the lunch tables with red and white checkered tablecloths. I took some flowers from my yard and placed them in a basket. I also put out farm animals that I was going to give them after the party. On the menu was pigs in a blanket, corn on the cob and mashed potatoes, lemonade, and milk and chocolate milk were served in milk glasses.

At the end, I gave out goody bags with farm animal toys and boxes of animal crackers.