Batman Party—Batarang Craft—7 year old—Grand Prize Winner
Submitted by Kim of Charlotte, North Carolina

I made the invitations with the Batman logo on top and then typed Holy Birthday Batman. The Riddler is back and has riddles for you to solve if you dare. Catwoman, the Joker, the Penquin and Mr. Freeze are also carrying out their crime sprees, just be aware. Meet us at the Bat Cave to join us …

We decorated outdoors with Batman’s logo, and black, yellow and blue balloons. We transformed our family room into a Bat cave by covering the entire room with black material, but letting the light come through the windows. Above the dessert and gift tables was a city skyline with black buildings and yellow cutouts for the windows. I made Batman’s logo and hung it over the skyline. The lunch tables had black tablecloth with yellow plates, napkins and yellow cups that had black tape around the middle. I had cups with black tape with yellow and blue candy in them and tied yellow, black and blue balloons to them.

My husband wore a Batman costume and welcomed my son’s guests to Gotham City. He handed out capes so they could help in  crime-solving. I made these myself with a black and yellow felt Batman logo that I traced and sewed onto black felt and sewed on some ribbon around the necklines.

He led the guests through the dining area to get some chips to munch on. It was really just an excuse to have them go through where the first crime was taking place. I set the area up like a museum where I put my kids’ artwork alongside our paintings with a big sign that said Gotham City Museum. I had my son’s friends sit in the kitchen and told them  that we were making Batman batarangs to catch the criminals. I gave them each a few batarangs that I cut out of cardboard and closed with black tape, leaving a small opening so they could drop marbles into and they finished taping them and painted them. Right before we went hunting for the first clue. When they were done, I had them remain sitting. All of a sudden, we heard a noise coming from our dining area. I told the kids to come with me. We ran in and found that all the artwork was gone! I turned to the kids and asked “Who could have done this.” I pointed to a open window that was closed before and said “Wait, that window was closed before, they must have climbed through it.” We all ran to the window and on the floor was a bird figurine along with a note that said “It seems we have something in common, we both love art. But since I’m a skilled thief, you and your artwork must part.” With one more clue that my husband gave them, something like the bird thief is from the arctic, they guessed it was The Penquin. To find the Penquin, we should try to waddle like a penguin, so we hd a three-legged relay.

After a few moments, we heard a few thumps from upstairs that sounded like books being dropped—in this case it was his brother throwing stuff on the floor and left the room before we all got upstairs. We ran to his room and saw an empty box that my son keeps his baseball card collection on the floor along with a card with a question mark and a note that said “All your baseball cards are gone, but I did leave your toys. This hobby of collecting baseball memorabilia isn’t just for young boys.” I pointed to the card with the question mark and asked who could have left such a card. This time the boys answered quicker, “The Riddler!”

Across the hall in my son’s room, I excused myself saying I needed to use the powder room. I placed a note on the door to our upstairs bathroom where I had an empty jewelry box and ran back to everyone and shrieked that my jewelry was gone. We went back to “discover” the note on the door that said “she sneaks away so quietly that you can’t hear her. But she has left a clue, just look in the mirror.” We looked in the mirror and we saw something behind us—there was Catwoman’s whip on the floor (a piece of black rope that I tied a handle to at the end). Again I shrieked “Who would have stolen my jewelry and leave that,” as  I pointed to the rope with a look of disgust on my face. After a few minutes and a few more clues given by my husband, they figured out that it must of been Catwoman. I told them that to help find cat woman, we should try to walk like her and laid out a long piece of narrow wood to help them learn how to walk like a cat.

My husband said he needed to go out for a few minutes. The kids start looking for more clues and I announced “you know it’s been a long day, let’s have some cake.” I went to the kitchen and on the box of candles was a note that said “You’ve probably know by now that I do not tease, the last crime may have been committed by Mr. Freeze. I gestured for the kids to come to the kitchen, showed them the note and asked them what it meant. They told me to look in the freezer where there were two large bowls of ice with Batman and Robin dolls. I gave them black plastic knives that I taped small batarang shapes onto and told them to use the batarangs to scrape the ice to save Batman and Robin. I indicated to them that in order to find Mr. Freeze, we have to get a little frozen. They looked at me not too happily, until I told them that we were going to have an ice cream eating contest.

The boys were able to save them and as we were about to sit down, we heard my husband running towards us with his hands covering his face and yelling “He got me! He squirted me with a flower! We all asked if he was okay and he told us that he would be all right and that he found a note and on the other side was a Joker card. This one said “No one has ever called me nice or fair. The next clue you may find will be flying through the air.” We asked the kids who they think left the note they said it must have been the joker and batman and I asked them to each tell their best joke. Then we asked them what they thought the note meant. The answer was to look under the batarangs that they made. We started looking under the batarangs and there was one that was my son’s that had a grass stain on it. We all came to the conclusion that the criminals were outside, so my husband told them to grab their batarangs and shouted “Let’s go catch them!” They all took our batarangs and searched for the culprits. Everyone ran around until they saw them—balloons tied to our fence with pictures of the criminals. I made a few balloons for each criminal so each kid had a few chances to pop the balloons. They took their balloons and attacked the criminals with the batarangs.

Cake: I bought a batman stencil and colored it in with chocolate frosting on top of a buttercream cake.

In the loot bags were a Batman puzzle a book of riddles, and a deck of cards.