Beach Party—Decorate Sunglasses—Age 8
Submitted by Melanie from Chesapeake, Virginia

Invitations—Message in a bottle invites. I took water bottles and added water and blue food coloring, sand and shells. Then I wrapped the invitation around the bottles.

We placed blue tarp over our fences and let it fall over onto the ground to look like ocean waves and glued large fish that my daughters and son made. I hung up a shower curtain with a beach scene on the back of our house. We placed beach balls and hula hoops around along with other beach toys. We used a blue tablecloth and placed fish netting over the table with shells and starfish. We created palm trees for the tables with paper towel rolls that we painted and green paper that we cut into leaves. I placed sand buckets on the table with bags of snacks. We placed beach chairs, swimming rings and beach towels for the guests to sit on. And of course beach chairs and we had sun tan lotion for anyone who needed it.

We were having a swimsuit fashion show, so a few moms and I did their hair and I provided a curling iron and hair straightener and hair clips. Then we put some makeup on them (sparkling eyeshadow and lipgloss). For any girls who finished getting ready first, they played a game of Hot Beach Ball like Hot Potato. Then, as each girl finished, they joined in the game. Then they were ready for the show where they walked down a runway that we made with red fabric. I took a lot of photos of the girls posing. Each girl modeled her bathing suit as she walked the runway to fun beach themed songs. They all posed in these fun and cute poses and we gave out prizes for cutest pose, cutest swimsuit, best strut down the runway, best smile. We made sure we had enough categories so all the girls won a prize. They were all confident while walking down the runway and seemed very happy to do it.

My daughter and I went out one day and she wanted a pair of glasses. Always trying to be frugal, I decided to buy a pair that were plain, but inexpensive. She told me that she thought they were so plain and unattractive. “Why can’t we get some with a cool design.” That’s how I came up with the idea of decorating sunglasses. I bought a bunch that day at the dollar store and we decorated them with items that I supplied like glitter glue, paint, wash-i tape and mini stickers.

Water Balloon Pass. We divided the kids into pairs and had them stand about a two feet away from their partner. Give a person from each pair a water balloon and they have to toss it back and forth to their partners. If a pair drops their balloon, they are out of the game. The rest of the players take a step back to increase the distance between themselves. They keep on tossing the balloons until there’s only one pair left.

Hula Hoop Passing Relay—Make two teams and have the members of each team hold hands with one another. They have to pass the hula hoop to one another without using their hands.

Then it was time for a Water War: We gave everyone enough water weapons to attach each other. You can create two teams but we just let them all have fun with each other. We gave out squirt guns, sponges, and water balloons.

Lunch was BBQ turkey burgers and hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans, grilled corn on the cob, jello with gummy fish and ice cream sandwiches they made with homemade cookies that I made that morning before the party and scooping some ice cream in the middle and dipping the sandwich in sprinkles.

The Cake--I made a cake that looked like a sun with a smiley face. It was a round cake with yellow frosting. I made sunglasses by placing two thin mints on the cake and piping a line with chocolate frosting between the top of the two mints. Then I piped on a smile with orange frosting. I made a small round cake and added orang frosting and cut several slices and placed around the cake for the sun’s rays.

In their favor bag, I placed the sunglasses they decorated, the eye shadow and lip gloss from the fashion show and hair clips.