Beauty and the Beast—Lion Mask—Age 6
Submitted by Marie of Burlington, Vermont

I made a scroll invitation and wrote “Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Belle and her friends request the honour of your royal presence in the West Wing of the Enchanted Castle to celebrate (my daughter’s) 6th birthday.” For an extra special touch, I filled the envelope with rose petals. On our front door, on a large white board, I placed the same photo I took for the invite in one corner, a rose in another corner, and wrote Be Our Guests in the center. Inside, I made a French market out of butcher paper that I painted and placed small tray tables with baskets of fruit and French baquettes against the wall so it looked like a real market. I made copies of pages out of a book and created a banner out of the pages. On the dining table, I placed a  golden yellowish tablecloth with the same color for the table settings. I draped yellow tulle on the chairs and secured it with the stems of silk red roses. I drew Lumiere’s face on paper and glued it on white pillar candles for the table. There was a stack of books for the centerpiece with a rose in the middle of the top book. A book at each place setting that they could take home with them. I drew Lumiere’s face on paper lanterns and hung them up.

For the adorable Mrs. Pots and Chip characters, we played a team relay game. In this game, the girls stood at marked spots and the first girl would pour water from a tea pot into a tea cup and walk a few feet to the next girl and pour the water from her cup into the next girl’s cup and went back to her spot. They played until they got to the last girl who repeated the process backwards until the first girl in the line got the water and poured it back into the teapot.

Belle’s father was an inventor, so I thought I’d implement that idea by letting the girls invent their own crafts. I put out supplies like construction paper, toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, small boxes, egg cartons, pipe cleaners, paint and brushes, markers, rolls of washi tape and self-adhesive jewels. They came up with a lot of ideas on their own.  They made vases out of toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls, jewelry boxes out of small boxes and egg cartons, purses out of boxes and construction paper and pipe cleaners, bracelets out of toilet paper rolls and headbands out of construction paper. They were very creative and pretty.

We had a race where they had to walk to the finish line with a book on their heads. The girl who finished first won a Beauty and the Beast book. The girls wanted to try the game a few more times when they got the hang of it and I gave a few small prizes to the other winners.

We had a ballroom dance and my husband played the beast and wore a lion mask. We played ballroom music and he motioned to each girl and when they walked over to him, he gave them a rose and then led them in a dance. They danced with each other until it was their turn and after I played faster music so they could play Freeze Dance.

We had a second craft where they decorated handheld mirrors with Beauty and the Beast stickers.

For lunch, I made pizza on French baguettes and I put out mini chocolate eclairs, fruit salad and cookies.

I made a cake with the signature colors: yellow and red. It was a yellow frosted cake with tiny red roses made with frosting all around the edge and a large rose in the middle of the cake.

The party favors were mini paint sets, ring pops and the crafts and mirrors and extra booklets of Beauty and the Beast stickers.