Bookworm Party—Age 6
Submitted by Elaine of Danbury, Connecticut

My daughter truly is a bookworm. She reads every book she can get her hands on, so I asked her if she would like to have a bookworm party and she helped me with many ideas.

invitations: I made book invitations—The front cover said “The Adventures of a Six Year Old, by (my daughter’s name). Inside, there were six pages with pictures from her favorite books at the bottom of each page and at the top, had the following text: “Six years ago, little (name) entered this world. From the time that she could lift a book, she loved to read. She enjoyed how reading let her travel to the most fascinating places. Today, she is very lucky to have some of the best friends a girl can have and would be honored to have you at her Bookworm birthday party. You may dress up as your favorite book character. Bring a book that you love so you can read your favorite part aloud, discuss it and even act your favorite part if you wish.” The parents told me that it was the most creative invitation they had ever seen!

Decorations: I love the book page wreaths that I’ve seen online so I made one myself. What you do is, you roll book pages into narrow cones and then attach them to a foam wreath with little pins.

I copied pages out of book and placed them on the table. I placed a stack of books on the table so our guests could look through them. My daughters and son made a  few worms out of craft sticks and pom poms and I put them on them on the table. I placed a tray of apples out, cut small holes in the tops of the apples and placed gummy worms in the holes.

The first activity was called Who Am I—I made tags for them with different book characters and placed them on their backs. Then I teamed them up to give each other clues to who their character was. For example, for Merida from the book “Brave”, someone could say—“I hail from Scotland and I’m very good at using a bow and arrow.”

Everyone did actually bring their favorite book. They all read their favorite part from their books, discussed them a little and even acted their favorite parts out like I suggested!

Then I asked them to write a story together and those who weren’t comfortable with writing could make a drawing.  Each child wrote a few of sentences or drew a picture and then passed the book to the next guest. The way all very pleased with their book. I told them that I was going to make copies for them and they were happy about that.

One of their crafts was to make bookmarks with a string of beads. They all said how much better they are than regular paper bookmarks. Their other craft was to personalize their own tote bags. I bought plain white tote bags and fabric makers for the craft.

Food: Chicken Fettuccine, Italian bread, fruit salad, cookies and frozen yogurt.

Cake: I made a book cake. I made a vanilla cake and frosted the bottom and top and one side of it with chocolate brown frosting to make it look like the cover of a book. On the other three sides of the cake, I drew lines with a knife to make them look like  pages. On the top, I wrote a Happy birthday wish to my daughter.

Favors: A gift certificate to B&N and some fancy chocolates.

Thank You Cards: A book thank you note, but smaller than the invitation.