Captain America Party—4th of July—8 year old
Submitted by Hillary of Ann Arbor, Michigan

My kid’s birthday is in July 7th and he loves superheroes so I thought a combined Captain America/4th of July would be perfect

INVITATIONS. I printed Captain America’s shield on the front of the card with a picture of Captain America with a quote from him—“Whatever happens tomorrow you must promise me one thing. That you will stay who you are. Not a perfect soldier, but a good man.”

I placed this same quote as a wall hanging in the party area on poster board with Captain America’s shield on the top/bottom and splashes of red, white and blue paint on the sign. We placed American flags all over. Red, white and blue balloons were tied to red, white and blue star star sprays paperweights on the table. My hubby made a Captain America shield out of cardboard for an activity the kids were going to play.

Games and Activities: Captain America can “run a mile a minute” so we had kids race each other and relay races and obstacle course races.

Then they took a break and made their own Captain America shields for an activity that they going to play with cardboard, magic markers and string.

Then, it was time to put their shield to work! Everyone took turns being Captain America and ran a mile a minute while holding their shield to protect themselves from the other players who were aiming for Captain America with water guns.

Since Captain America can bench press 1100 lbs, I made these cute weights out of red, white and blue fabric and marbles. We divided the kids into teams and the kids also had a relay race while carrying one in each hand.

The kids also played Pin the Shield on Captain America with a poster of Captain America.

Food: We had a BBQ with burgers and hot dog and potato salad. I made a beautiful fruit salad with strawberries, blueberries with whipped cream. The top of the cake looked like Captain America’s shield using red, white and blue icing with a big white star in the middle! 

As the kids went home so they could celebrate the rest of Fourth of July, we gave them 4th of July sparklers, Captain America buttons and bags of red, white and blue m&ms.