Cooking Party—Pizza Contest—9 years old
Submitted by Eileen of Cincinnati, Ohio

My daughter loves helping me out in the kitchen and she wanted a cooking theme for her birthday.

I created the invitation like an acceptance letter to a cooking school. (our last name) Cooking School. School acceptance letter. You’re invited to train with the talented chef of the (our last name) cooking school.

The kids came and we started with a scavenger hunt for cupcake ingredients, such as icing, sprinkles, gummies, etc. Once everything was found, they made the cupcakes.

While the cupcakes were baking, we had a pizza contest and the kids divided into teams. There were 3 categories that they were going to be judged on: most creative, best vegetarian and best meat lovers. To make it a fair contest, I invited two neighbors to judge the contest.

As a craft, I had them decorate aprons, fabric markers and glitter pens.

I made a game up, called Guess What Food I Am. I gave out index card with questions and each child got to ask a question and the rest had to guess the food. Here are some examples of the questions:
Onion—I can’t hurt you, but if you cut me, I’ll make you cry.
Tomato-I’m delicious if you bite into me, but I’ll squirt all over you when you do.
Celery—I’m naturally salty in taste

When the party ended, I gave everyone a kids cookbook.