The sweetest treats for Easter. Peeps in a Nest from www.dianarambles.com

Bunny Cupcakes with Edible Grass from like-the-cheese.com

Sheep Cupcakes
by The Typical Mom

Create these gorgeous Easter Pudding Cups with a tutorial at www.theprincessandhercowboys.com

Bunny In The Carrot Patch Bread from somuchtomake.blogspot.com

B is for Bunny Letter of the Week  by thesimpleparent.com

Make this beautiful Easter wreath for your door!
Learn how to by visiting www.thehappyscraps.com.

Decorate with these Easter Egg Ornaments that your
kids can help create at


A beautiful decoration your child can make at pinkieforpink.com.

Learn how to make these Tie-Dye Easter Eggs with Crayon Resist at www.classifiedmom.com

Your kids will love these precious Candy-Filled Easter Egg Carton Chicks. Head over to onelittleproject.com for the tutorial.

A fun way for your kids to create art with Marble painting using Easter Eggs by sparklingbudsblogspot.com

Easter Candy Pouches 

Easter Candy Pouches at www.simplymodernmom.com.

Easter Egg Garland with Cotton Pads

A creative Easter craft using cotton pads for Easter eggs at www.raisingwildones.com.

They’ll love wearing this hat as much as they did creating it.
Find the tutorial at learningwithmrsparker.blogspot.com.

A simple craft you can make with some recycled items from jbmumofone.com.

These beautiful Easter Egg Ornaments can be used to decorate any room for the holidays. Find the tutorial at clarescraftroom.blogspot.com.

This activity will be so much fun for your toddler. They can paint the eggs, search for them and then decorate with them. Find this activity at

Sponge Painted Spring Chicks

With a few items you already have in your home, your kids can make these adorable Sponge Painted Spring Chicks from artiswhatiteach.blogspot.com.

Glowing Easter Egg Hunt

Add some excitement to your kids' Easter egg hunt with these Glowing Easter Eggs from raisinglittledisciples.blogspot.com.