Hello Kitty Party—Rainbow Forest—Age 4
Submitted by Patricia of Kansas, Missouri

Hello Kitty Invitations. I folded pink card stock in half and placed a picture of Hello Kitty on a cloud on the front. Inside, on the left hand side, I placed a cloud that I cut out of white paper and placed a photo of my daughter on top of the cloud and wrote the party information on the other side. I wrote “You’ll have a purr-fectly wonderful time at (birthday girl’s) 4th Hello Kitty birthday party. For wall decorations, I cut clouds out of white paper and enlarged pictures of Hello Kitty and placed them on the clouds. I placed some of the balloon strings in the hands of some Hello Kitty pictures. I hung pink, purple and pale green balloons outside my house. More of the same balloons were hanging inside. I used the same colors to decorate the tables. I created Rainbow Forest with jars of candy on the tables to add some more color. I created Hello Kitty faces for the plates by cutting out two ears and taping them to the backs of the plates, 2 black m&ms for the eyes and a yellow m&m for the nose and licorice that I cut in strips for the whiskers. I used ribbon for the bows. One of the first activities I had them do was making cat ears: As the girls arrived, the other moms and I helped the kids make their own cat ears with headbands and ears that I precut. Then we played pin the bow on kitty: I enlarged a photo of Hello Kitty and made several paper bows and let the kids pin them on Kitty. We helped them make Hello Kitty jewelry: I bought pretty beads and mixed them with some Hello Kitty beads and let them make their own jewelry bracelets. Then there was a lap up the milk relay. I gave out small saucers of milk that they had to lap up. It was so much fun for them and for the grownups to watch. They decorated cookies like Hello Kitty with icing and pink sugar glitter. Food: Hello Kitty pb&j sandwiches. I cut small circles with a cookie cutter and then cut triangles out of sandwiches for the ears and placed them on top of the circles. Ice cream preserved in individual cups. This makes it a lot easier. I made a kitty chow mix which I made with granola, mini chocolate chips and raisins. I also served and milk and the cookies that they decorated. Hello Kitty birthday cake: I decorated this cake myself and it was quite easy: The cake was white with two ears that I cut, with two m&m’s for the eyes, a yellow m&m for the nose and six pieces of chocolate licorice for the whiskers. I made a bow with some frosting.   For favor bags, I used white bags and I added Hello Kitty’s nose, ears, whiskers and bow I made with paper. In the bag, I placed the cat ears and jewelry—if they weren’t wearing them plus extra cookies that I decorated before the party and some candy that I used for the Rainbow Forest. I made similar thank you cards that I sent out for the invitations with my daughter thanking everyone for their gifts and for  making her birthday “purr-fect”.