Ice Cream Party—Ice Cream Shoppe—8 years old
Submitted by Marjorie of Boston, Mass.

My little girl is turning 8! Ice Cream Birthday Party. She LOVES ice cream. She considers it one of the four major food groups.

Invitations: Banana split invites—A bowl with a banana with 5 scoops of ice cream and a cloud of whipped cream and chocolate syrup. It said—I Scream! You Scream! We’ll all scream in excitement as Leslie turns the Big 8. We hope you can attend this little entrepreneur’s Ice Cream Shoppe and help her build ice cream sundaes! It will be the the cherry on the top of a very sweet day! Wear clothing that you won’t mind getting messy!

I made an Ice Cream Shoppe sign that I hung on the front of our deck. Below it was a table with red and white striped fabric where all the kids got to make an ice cream sundae. We created large ice cream cones from brown poster paper and pastel-colored balloons and tied them to the deck them to each side of the sign. We had a sign with the different flavors—and another sign on the other side with a list of the toppings. Some of the ice cream toppings we had were sprinkles, gummy bears, chocolate chips, crushed cookies and chopped nuts.

Games and Activities: We had a Banana Split Relay where the object of the game was to see who can make a banana split the fastest. The girls played Pin the cherry on the sundae. I drew a large ice cream sundae on poster paper and created large red circles for the cherries.

The kids played a fun Ice Cream Scoop Relay Game—They placed a bowl of pom poms in a cone—race to the other side w/o dropping any. Many of the kids couldn’t make it to the finish line. I asked them if they only wanted to use two balls instead but they wanted to stick with three. I felt so bad, so
They also had a freeze dance.

I bought kids aprons and fabric markers and the girls decorated them and I let the girls wear them when they made their own sundaes. so they can wear them when they worked behind the “store counter.”

Food: We had pizza and I made an ice cream cake. For the cake. I’ve seen this idea. Place an ice cream cone upside down on top of your cake and than drizzle chocolate sauce on the cake like melted ice cream. It’s as much fun to make as it is to eat.

The gift bags had candy-flavored lip gloss, pastel-colored hair bows and their aprons in them.

Thank you cards: My daughter made a banana split thank you card with 3 pretty pastel ice cream scoops and a banana in a bowl. It was better than my invitations! On her card, she wrote “Thank you for making my birthday a sweet day! I love my (gift)!

I hope your birthday party is just as sweet as ours was!