Kitty Party—Cat Ears For Moms—6 year old
Submitted by Christine of Sarasota, Florida

We just adopted two kittens a few months ago and my daughter can’t get enough of them, so I decided to have a birthday party based on a kitten theme. My daughter loved the idea! I sent out invitation cards with pictures of kittens from clip art and placing them in 4 corners of pink paper. I wrote to everyone to come meet the new furry members of our family and the stars (my daughter’s request) of this party.

I placed pink and white balloons outside our house and on our front door, I placed a sign that said “No Dogs Allowed” on our door.

Inside, I drew cat silhouettes on the walls and taped streamers on them for the tails. I also took pictures from a cat calendar that I got at the dollar store and hung them up. I placed balls of yarn around on the floor. For the table centerpiece, I placed one of her stuffed kittens with a few balls of yarn in a basket.

Everyone received cat ears when they arrived—even the moms, who thought it was a fun idea! For the girls, I simply added felt ears to headbands. For the moms, I had to add the ears to hair clips.

I bought new socks that they could wear on their hands for paws for a cat and mouse race.

In another room, I made a Yarn Maze that they had to go through and then untangle it.

They played Cat, Cat, Mouse and instead of tagging the person, we tied yarn to the kids’ waists and they would try to step on each other’s yarn tail and try to avoid getting stepped on.

We had a Lap up the Milk relay with a little milk in saucer bowls.