Ladybug Party—Ladybug Flower Pots—Age 5
Submitted by Cindy of Bowling Green, Kentucky

When trying to come up with a party idea, I asked my son if he had any ideas for his sister’s party. He immediately said bugs since we just gave him a bug party the year before. But my daughter gave a “yew” look on her face and exclaimed “no way!”  But I remember she had a good time at her brother’s party, so I suggested a ladybug party. That received a positive response. So we went with that.

Invitations—I made ladybug invitations with moveable wings. I cut out a small black circle for the head and glued eyes on them, then cut larger white circles for the body and attached the two together. I then cut two wings the same size as the body with red paper and attached them to the body with brads so you could open them to read the invitation. I added black dots to the wings. Inside the wings, on the body, I wrote “Help me fly by moving my wings so I can show you the fun that you will have at Allison’s Ladybug birthday party.

I found a ladybug appliqué and attached it to a plain t-shirt for my daughter. I made her ladybug wings to wear to her party out of heavy paper. I painted them red and added black spots and tied red ribbon and tied it around her.

When the guests arrived they received ladybug wings and antennas that my very good and patient friend helped me make. The antennas were quite easy, just wrapping pipe cleaners around plastic headbands. The wings were a bit more labor intensive, of course by wrapping tulle around wire.

Outside our home, I tied red and black balloons around on our gates. On the front door was a large leaf that I cut out of construction paper and ladybugs that my kids made out of paper red and black paper, craft eyes and pipe cleaners.

In the party room, I placed large paper leaves and flowers on the walls with oversized ladybugs that my kids helped me with. On the table, there was a red tablecloth with red plates. On the plates, I placed black licorice in the center and black m&ms. I also had matching red cups and plastic ware.

We played the following games:

Ladybug, Ladybug, Grasshopper (played like Duck, Duck, Goose).

Ladybug Spot Hunt—I told the kids that Miss Ladybug lost all her spots and now we have to help her find them.

Ladybug Flower Pots. They painted flower pots red with black spots and placed ladybug stickers on them.

We also had Musical Ladybugs, Pin the Ladybug on the Flower and Flying Ladybug like Hot Potato.

Ladybugs in a flowerpot—I took red beanbags and placed a pink bucket with flower stickers and they stood a few feet away fom it nd threw their ladybugs in the bucket.

For food, we had two pizzas and I added a single layer of black olive slices down the middle of them to look like ladybugs.

Watermelon ladybugs—I cut watermelon slices and placed round cookie cutters in them to make watermelon ladybugs. A refreshing treat.

I let the kids place mini chocolate chips on red frosted cupcakes which may have been a bad idea since more chips wound up on the floor than the actual cupcakes, but at least they had fun. I also made cookies in the shape of flowers.

I placed ladybug magnets, stickers and the pots that they decorated in the favor bags.