Ladybug Party—Ladybug Headbands—Age 4
Submitted by Gayle of Sioux City, Iowa

My daughter is always searching for ladybugs in our backyard, so when thinking about a theme for her party, the answer was so obvious. I made ladybug invitations by cutting one small black circle and placing googly eyes on it, one larger red circle of red card stock and placing black spots on it, a black line down the middle for the wings and black pipe cleaners for the antennas. On the other side I said “Our little Lisa is becoming a little lady-“bug.” She is turning 4 and I hope we “spot” you at her birthday party. Then I added the rest of the info. I bought red balloons and painted black “spots” on them and then taped a half a circle out of black construction paper for the head with pipe cleaners for the antennas. I made paper ladybugs and glued them onto dowels and stuck them into the grass on our walkway. For the centerpiece, I painted a glass jar red with black spots. I made paper flowers with paper ladybugs attached to them. I also placed red and black licorice sticks in the jar. For the dining table, I bought a red tablecloth and cut out black spots and wrapped them in plastic wrap so they wouldn’t get dirty. I bought red plates and placed black spots on the bottom and placed them on the table upside down. I also bought red utensils, cups, and napkins. As the children arrived, I gave them ladybug antennas that I made by attaching black pipe cleaners to headbands. They loved wearing them! I taped up light green plastic to the walls and made large ladybug decoration and taped them to the green plastic. I made large dark green paper leaves and placed small paper ladybugs on them. Then we played a bunch of ladybug themed games like Pin the Spot on the Ladybug. I placed a large paper ladybug on the wall and gave each child a black circle. Musical Ladybugs. I placed paper ladybugs on the floor and the kids flew around. When the music stopped, they had to land on a ladybug. Ladybug on the Leaf. I couldn't find that many ladybug “gifts” I could give the kids for their goody bags, so I made ladybug beanbags that they could play this game with and then take home with them. I took red felt  and sewed black dots on it and sewed it up with mini marbles inside. Then I attached goggly eyes to pom poms and attached the pom poms to the beanbags with a glue gun. I placed paper leaves that I made on the floor. The kids stood a few feet away from them and had to throw their beanbags to land on a leaf. They got as many tries as they needed. Ladybug Hunt. I hid paper ladybugs all over the area and when they found a ladybug, they got a piece of candy. For lunch, I made open jelly sandwiches with raisins cut with a round cookie cutter. I also had sandwiches with meat and cheese for the parents. There was veggies and dip. I also sliced strawberries and placed mini chocolate chips in them. I made a ladybug birthday cake with one cake and frosting it red, placing Oreo cookie halves around and a chocolate frosting line down the middle. Then I took a smaller cake, cut off the end in a circular line so it lined up perfectly with the larger cake, added chocolate frosting to it, added Oreo cookie eyes (with the frosting on top) and added licorice “antennas”. Goody bags. I bought red plastic bags, drew black dots on them and added pipe cleaners. In the bags, I placed red and black licorice sticks, ladybug coloring sheets and crayons, the ladybug beanbags that I made and they got to wear their ladybug headband home.