Mary Poppins Party—Age 7–Grand Prize Winner
Submitted by Cathy of Syracuse, N.Y.

When my daughter enjoyed the Mary Poppins movie with me, I was thrilled that we shared a love for the character.  On my invitations, I glued a picture of Mary Poppins flying in the air holding her umbrella and placed the picture on light blue paper with clouds with the city beneath and added “Spit Spot.” Chim chim ch-ree! Please come to (birthday girl) 7th birthday party! You’ll have a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious good time!” The decorations—On our door, I cut out a large kite shape, added some streamers and some string. I put a picture of Mary Poppins on the kite welcoming everyone to 17 Cherry Tree Line. I painted and cut out a penguin, made a little stand out of cardboard and placed him in our front yard leading the party-goers to the back of the house where the party was held. I placed opened umbrellas all over the yard. Those were great decorations themselves. We made about a little over a dozen kites that my kids painted and decorated with them also. We even tied kites to some tree branches. I purchased small straw hats, spray painted them black and hot glued white silk daisies and fake cherries on them and placed them on the tables. For Cherry Tree Lane, I made pink blossoms. I collected tree branches and my children helped me make pink blossoms with tissue paper and we put them in vases. I dressed as Mary Poppins with a collar blouse and long black skirt, black boots, red scarf, and tied a ribbon bow around my neck. I bought a black hat similar to Mary Poppins’ hat and added white silk daisies and fake cherries. And I was holding an umbrella and piece of luggage when people arrived. I bought skimmer hats and added pink ribbon to the girls’ hats and let the ribbon hang down like tails and bought blue ribbon for the boys hats. I tried to implement as many themed games for this party as I could. We set up a Chimney Sweep game where each team had to get the ball in their chimney and prevent the other team from scoring a point by doing the same. Mr. Banks’ Kite-Making. We made kites with a bunch of art materials I laid out. They loved making them and since we had a nice breeze, they got to  fly them. It makes a great take-home gift as well. Carousel Horse Ride: For the carousel ride, we made horses with stuffed socks for the heads wrapped around the ends of pool noodles and they raced with them around the yard. Penquin Bowling: I made penguin bowling pins by painting plastic bottles black and glued on white faces and middles, orange beaks and eyes and set them up like pins. I gave the children small balls and let them try to knock down as many as they could. Bert’s Chalk Drawings: I gave out sidewalk chalk for the kids to draw on our driveway. Bert’s Band—We gave out empty cans and wooden spoons to play along with music from the Mary Poppins movie soundtrack and they marched around the yard playing their instruments. We had tea sandwiches which were peanut butter and jelly, fresh fruit cups, homemade raspberry thumbprint cookies and raspberry lemonade for the Raspberry Ice that was served in small cups with little umbrellas that I made with cupcake liners and toothpicks. The cake had a carousel cake topper that I made. First, I cut out carousel horses and taped them on striped straws. Then I made the top of the carousel by taking a thin sheet of cardboard and cutting it into a circle with scalloped edges and painting it. I placed holes around it to place the straws with the horses in it and a straw in the center and placed it on top of the cake. We placed sidewalk chalk, chocolate coins (tuppence), and the kites that they made and the horses from the carousel ride in their goody bags. The next day, I sent out thank you cards with pictures to the kids riding their horses and my daughter thanking her friends for making her birthday Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!