Mermaid Party—Mermaid Fins—Age 6
Submitted by Valerie of Sacramento, California

I made Message in a Bottle invitations with blue water and shells and a little sand with the invitation wrapped around the bottle and my daughter and I handed them out to our guests. The invitation said “During your travels under the sea, I hope you get this message in a bottle so you can come to Jacqueline’s Mermaid birthday party. I told everyone to bring a swimsuit.

I placed blue tissue paper on top of the door to make it seem like you’re entering the ocean. I laid blue tarp on the floor and hung blue streamers and then green streamers from the ceiling for seaweed. I used a tan (for sand) tablecloth and placed a large strip of a blue tablecloth in the center. I placed netting material and shells found at a crafts store on top of the table.

The next activity was a Potato Sack Race. I purchased these very pretty sparkly greenish mermaid fins for the game. I had a fin for each team and the girls had to get into the fins, run from one end of the yard and back, take the fins off and pass it to the next player. They had so much fun they played it twice! They were pretty warm after the race so I let them swim in the pool for awhile. By now, they were getting hungry, so I served them lunch which was a creamy chicken shell pasta salad and shrimp salad on rolls. Snacks like veggie chips and pretzels with hummus dip were served, and of course, ice cream. They played a game of Freeze Dance. Then they all went on an under the sea treasure hunt. I hid blue and green beads that reminded me of the beach under shredded blue tissue paper in a kiddie pool. When they found enough of them, they made beaded bracelets. My daughter prefers cupcakes to a large cake so I made cupcakes with blue frosting and sea shell candy and sugar pearl sprinkles on top of the cupcake. My daughter’s cupcake was a little larger than the others with “Happy Birthday Jacqueline” on it. My daughter opened her gifts and they played Musical Mermaid Cove (like Musical Chairs). My older daughter drew a mermaid cove and I copied and laminated the sheets of paper and put them on chairs. Favors were sunglasses, sea life notepads and seashell candy.