Mickey Mouse Party—Mouse Hole—2 year old
Submitted by Elizabeth of Eugene, Oregon

I hosted a Mickey Mouse party for my son’s second birthday.

To make the invitations, I cut out a large circle and two small circles for the ears and a bow for Mickey and a hair bow for Minnie, of course! I sent Minnie to the girls and Mickey to the boys.

I made a cutout of Mickey from poster board and placed a sign next to him that said “Welcome to Disney World.

I had a sign that said “Enter The Mouse Hole Here”. The kids had fun crawling through the “mouse hole.”

I bought balloons, streamers and swirly star decorations in red, blue and yellow.

I made a Mickey and Minnie centerpiece for the table by attaching 2 smaller plates to 2 larger plates. I decorated the plates to look like Mickey and Minnie. I attached the larger plates to long craft sticks, taped them to vases and attached red, blue and yellow ribbon to the vases. I added paper ears to the party hats.

I made mouse faces by attaching two smaller balloons to one large balloon. I made two—one for Mickey and one for Minnie.

We had a fingerprint paint activity. I placed Mickey and Minnie heads without the ears and the kids placed their thumbs in black paint and made ears with their painted thumbs. Then after washing their hands, they made Mickey’s bow and Minnie’s hair bows with their pinky fingers but with red and pink paint, respectively.

I made each place setting into a mouse head with a large plate and two smaller plates with snacks. I bought plates in red, blue and yellow.

Food: Mickey and Minnie picnic. I placed the food in a large picnic basket. I served PB&J sandwiches cut into mouse ears for the smaller children. I had lasagna, garlic bread and a garden salad for the parents and older kids. I made a fruit salad with strawberries, blueberries and bananas (Mickey and Minnie’s colors) with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. I placed cheese and crackers out for the kids to snack on (Mice love cheese!).

Games: Who’s got the cheese. I cut out a yellow triangle out of felt. We played the game like Pass the Cheese.

I enlarged pictures of Mickey and Minnie and had Minnie hair bows for the girls and bow ties for the boys to play "Pin the tail on Mickey or Minnie.”

We played a game of Mouse, Mouse, Cat like Duck, Duck, Goose.

I rented a bubble machine and let catch the bubbles throughout the party.

We played cat and mouse. I played the cat and tried to catch children. The child I caught would become the mouse and so on and so forth.

We rented the bubble machine and the kids were more excited about it than the other activities!!!

Cake: I made a small smash Mickey cake for my son. For everyone else, I made a Mickey Mouse cake—A round cake with two cupcakes at the top and a red tie at the bottom.

Gift bags—Disney coloring books and crayons and the mouse ears that I made them.