My Little Pony—Gallup Relay–3 year old
Submitted by Michelle of Jackson, Mississippi

Invitations: My daughter helped me create a rainbow with her watercolors on top of cream colored paper and added underneath -  “Friendship is Magic and that is why Maddie wants you to come to her Little Pony 4th Birthday Party.” Party will be from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00. Please RSVP at (phone number). Follow the rainbow to (my address).

Decorations: I hung streamers on our gates and our door in the shapes of rainbows. The streamers continued on the ceiling leading to where the party was. On the door, I put a sign that said, “Follow the Rainbow with a rainbow that I painted over the wording.

Inside, I created rainbows on the walls with streamers with cutouts of My Little Ponies jumping over them.

I placed a rainbow tablecloth on the table and used pastel colored plates, napkins, cups and silverware. Glass jars held rainbow candy and in the center was my child’s Little Pony toy.

Activities: When the girls arrived, another mom and I painted flowers, hearts and rainbows on their little faces.

The girls came to the party full of energy, so we started the party with a Gallup Relay with two teams—I made ponies out of dowels and pastel felt fabric that I sewed and added wiggly eyes to. They loved riding their ponies all around my backyard. I got them to jump over rainbow streamers—seven colored streamers and pass the horse to the next child.

After awhile of running around, they settled a bit and played Pin the Tail on the Pony.

Food: We had a lunch break with sandwiches with cold cuts of their liking and some pastel colored sugar cookies. When their tummies were full, we played Horse, Horse, Pony which was played like Duck, Duck, Goose.

When they were done with this, I let my daughter open her gifts. It didn't hurt that my daughter pet on eyeing her gifts with deep anticipation. After she opened all her gifts, I figured it was a good time for the girls to make gifts for themselves. I chose a jewelry making craft with none else but…pastel colored pony beads. The all loved their new jewelry!

Dessert: Then we had the main dessert!  Instead of a cake, my daughter prefers cupcakes and I thought pastel cupcakes would be pretty. I iced the cupcakes in pastel colors and added shimmery icing. Then I added My Little Pony cupcake toppers that I made myself by printing images that I found and glued to toothpicks. I placed the cupcakes on the table like a rainbow.

The last game of the day was Pass the Pony—The children used one of Maddie’s Little Ponies to play. The girls sat around and passed the pony around. Instead of being out, the girl who had the pony when the music stopped, she would say her best “horse neigh.” We all had a lot of laughter with that!

Goody Bags: I gave out their gift bags which had flower, hearts and rainbow stickers, My Little Pony coloring pages, pastel colored lollipops, and the jewelry they made. Then it was time for the parents to pick their children up, so I played a My Little Pony DVD while the girls waited for the arrival of their parents.