Penguin Party—Penguin Bowling—Age 6
Submitted by Andrea, Denver, Colorado

My daughter wanted a winter themed party but something a little different this year. So after brainstorming and googling winter themes, I came up with an adorable penguin party.

Invitations—I made penguins with black, white and orange paper and wrote Waddle on over to Lauren’s Penguin birthday party. This will be a really COOL party.

Decorations—We covered the floors with mailing peanuts for snow. We made penguin cutouts and I husband made footers for them by cutting grooves in wood blocks and placing them around on the floor, so it felt like they were walking around penguins. We assembled a large igloo decoration out of cardboard and painted it white and placed it in a corner. I made penguins out of large black balloons by placing white paper for the face and middle, and drawing eyes and a beak cut out of orange paper.

I placed cotton all over the tables with mini igloos I made from thin cardboard that I painted white and penguin bottles (details below). I used a white tablecloth with black and white plates, orange cups and black and white utensils.

Crafts and Activities—Penguin bowling—before the party, I gathered a whole bunch of large bottles. I wrapped black construction paper around them. Then I made the body and head with white paper and black and white paper for the wings. Cut triangles out of orange paper for the beaks and feet and draw eyes on. These were so cute, I made extra for decorations and a craft idea  at the party.

They bobbed for fish had to grab a new toy fish from individual paper bowls.

They made penguins out of small water bottles with the same technique I used for the ones I used for our bowling game.
I made one as an example for the kids and it was so cute that I decided to make more to use as decorations and a penguin bowling game.

I divided the kids and they built igloos with sugar cubes and frosting.

Feed the penguin. I drew a penguin on poster board and cut out a hole in the penguin and they had to throw plastic fish through it.

Pass the egg. There were two teams and each one had to pass an egg (small beach ball) that they held between their legs. If they dropped an egg they could pick it up but the first team to pass their egg to the last person in line won the game.

The next game was what I called a waddle race—Waddle like a penguin down the room and back. To help them with their waddle, I tied their their feet together using ribbon around their ankles and had them place balloons under their shirts. They looked really cute waddling up and down the room.

I played the movie Happy Feet and then we had a Happy Feet dance contest.

Food—We had pizza, goldfish crackers, sugar cookies, brownies and Swedish fish. We had cold drinks and of course hot chocolate with mini marshmallows.

Penguin cake—I baked a cake in a 9 x 13 inch square pan for the body. After the cake cooled off, I cut out an oval shape. Then I frosted the edge of the cake in chocolate and added a vanilla middle. I formed wings from the cake that was cut away and frosted the outside of the wings black and the inside white. I used a small round pan, placed it in top for the head and repeated the same design as I did for the body. I cut triangle shapes from orange candy for the beak and feet.

I used black and white bags for the favors and gave out penguin figurines, penguin key chain and Swedish fish.