Pinkalicious Party—6 year old
Submitted by Angela of Bridgeport, Connecticut

My 6-year-old daughter’s favorite color is pink. I read the book Pinkalicious to her and asked if she would like to use this theme for her birthday party. She was a great deal of help in planning her party!

Invitations. I took a picture of my daughter in a pink dress with a gold crown and star wand. On the invitation, I said “You’ll enjoy eating yummy pink cupcakes at Michelle’s birthday party. But be warned. There’s a chance you’ll turn pink from all the sweetness. But I promise that you'll have a Pinkalicious time! Come to (my address), date and time.

My daughter hid in another room until all the guests arrived (more on that in a minute). As the girls arrived, I had them try to guess how many pink gum balls that I placed in a jar. The girl who guessed the closest number won the jar.

It was my daughter’s idea to act out Pinkalicious —from turning pink—and to eating green food—to turning back to normal. This is what we came up with. I put pink body paint on her face, neck and arms and dressed her all in pink. When all the girls arrived, my daughter came downstairs and we all looked at her, totally in shock. I put my face in my hands, and exclaimed “Oh my, (her name), you’re pink! Girls, she must have eaten too many pink cupcakes and now she has turned pink! Please come and help me. What should we do? A few girls yelled out “Now she has to eat yucky green food!” “Yuk!” “Oh no!” And a few more groans came from the kids.

My little girl who was being very brave and giving a great performance started crying out “Oh no. I don’t want to eat green food. Green food! Bleh!” And all the girls groaned sympathetically.

Before the party, I made a cheese sandwich for her that I added some green food dye to and added some lettuce. She started eating the sandwich, making funny faces and noises, and acting like it was the grossest thing she ever tasted. When she finished the sandwich, I asked her to come with me and we went into the bathroom to wash off the paint and change her clothes. In the meantime, I had the girls make bracelets with pink beads. By the time they were done, we were out of the bathroom and my daughter was no longer pink.  Everyone sighed in relief and then they all had a good laugh.

Since everything was back to normal we proceeded with the party. They played. Pin the cherry on the cupcake. We had a pink scavenger hunt. I hid pink jewelry that I put in baggies around. When they found something, they were asked to say “I spy something pink.” Then it was time to eat.

I had two small tables for the food. There was the pink table with a pink food—Peanut butter and strawberry jelly, fruit salad with strawberry yogurt, pretzels with pink icing (wands) and pink cupcakes that they decorated with pink frosting and pink sprinkles.

Then there was the green table—I told the girls to choose at least two items from the table—green grapes, sliced green apples and sliced kiwi. “Or else you'll turn pink,” I said jokingly. Some eyes were raised, but thankfully they all realized that I was joking.

After they enjoyed their pink cupcakes, my daughter got to open her presents. Then we moved on to making necklaces with pink beads, cupcake charms and pink satin ribbon.

Then we played Pass the Present. I wrapped a box with several layers of gift wrap. When they removed a layer and found a pink sticker, they got to eat a strawberry candy. When they removed a layer and find a green sticker, they got a small gift.

They played Pink, Pink, Green (like the game Duck, Duck, Goose). Every time someone was green, they had to eat green food (a green grape).

Then it was time to open the cupcake piñata which I stuffed with pink candy!

For her birthday cake, I ordered a pink ruffled cake. Then I added my own decorations to it. I took a plastic crown, added gold edible glitter all over it and placed it on top of the cake. Then I created a star out of thick paper and added gold edible glitter to it, attached it to a skewer and placed the skewer a little inside the cake.

While they ate their cake, I read Pinkalicious to them.

Pink goody bags contained pink hair combs, pink nail polish and pink lipgloss, the candy from the piñata and the necklaces.

We sent everyone a thank you card with the following message. Thank you for coming to my Pinkalicious birthday party. I hope you didn’t turn pink from all the sweets or green from the green food!