Princess Party—Cinderella Gets Married—Age 8—Grand Prize Winner
Submitted by Jennifer of Stamford, CT

Since my sister got married last fall where my daughter played the flower girl, she fell in love with weddings. I helped my sister plan her wedding and my daughter got quite caught up in all the excitement. So when we were planning her birthday party, she said she’d like to plan the wedding for Cinderella and her prince and have the wedding at our house. she was pretty right on the mark. My daughter has fallen in love with weddings and wanted a wedding theme for her birthday so she came up with a wedding theme for her birthday where Cinderella was marrying her Prince. Cinderella and Prince Charming are Getting Married and you’re invited to the wedding. All the parents got a kick out of it.

I wrote out a Cinderella wedding invitation on white card stock  with gold lettering. Cinderella and Prince Charming are getting married! You’re cordially invited to Cinderella and Prince Charming’s wedding and to celebrate (name if child’s) birthday. Please wear your best attire.

I put an easel outside with an enlarged version of the invitation and tied pink and white balloons to it. My living and dining rooms were used for the wedding and reception. We moved the furniture out of the living room and placed two aisles of chairs like in a church. We tied flower bouquets to the chairs at the ends of the aisles. I placed candles around but out of reach of the children.

The dining room had tables with white cotton tablecloths and crystal vases filled with pink and white flowers. We tied pink tulle to the chairs. I used my good china and used plastic champagne glasses from a party store.

I brought out a scrapbook that I used to plan my sister’s wedding. I had pictures from wedding magazines and used it for ideas for the rings, dresses and shoes, flowers, music, food, the cake, and the invitations.

We created mini doll shops by separating the shops with sheets and hanging signs that I made with poster board for each shop. There was a bridal shop, jewelry shop, flower shop, caterer and a bakery. No detail was overlooked, LOL! Except for the bridal and flower shops, we used pictures of merchandise. Each girl received a new doll and it was time to shop for new dresses for their dolls. The girls went shopping to look for Cinderella’s wedding dress and the bridesmaids dresses in the bridal shop, where I hung doll dresses that I bought as wedding favors. The flower shop had silk flowers that they could choose from for the bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquets. They picked out wedding rings, the food and a wedding cake. Picking out the food and cake was just for fun. We already had the food and cake prepared for the party.

Then they made purses for themselves for the wedding. I cut  8-1/2” foam sheets in half and punched holes on three sides. I gave the girls knitting needles that are made for kids and ribbon to lace through the holes and use for a purse strap. They dressed them up with foam stickers and colored pens.

When all the plans were arranged, the girls played bridesmaids and helped Cinderella get ready for her wedding. We dressed my daughter’s Cinderella doll in a white dress and a tiara and the girls’ dolls in their bridesmaids dresses. Then my sister and I other moms put the girls’ hair up and put a little makeup on them.

I played “Here Comes the Bride” while the bridesmaids held their dolls to walk down the aisle and my daughter walked Cinderella down the aisle. The parents who stayed at the party sat in the chairs. The bridesmaids stood in the front with their dolls. My husband stood in the front holding a prince doll and pretended to marry Cinderella and the prince. When the ceremony was over, we walked to the dining room for the reception.

When we sat down to eat, my daughter clinked her glass with a spoon to get everyone’s attention to make a toast to the newly married couple. She said that they’ve known each other for so long and how much they deserved happiness “just like my parents”. Her father and I were completely taken aback by that and tears started welling in both of our eyes and we both stood up and gave her the biggest hug. Everyone loved the speech and applauded for a long time. When we regained my composure, my husband and I served the food. We had appetizers which were Chicken Cordon Bleu Bites, stuffed mushrooms and BLT bites with cherry tomatoes. The main course consisted of chicken, shrimp, twice baked potatoes and green beans topped with bread crumbs. I also had fruit and a chocolate fountain. I made “champagne” with juice and lemon-lime soda.
After lunch, my daughter threw the bouquet to the bridesmaids, and then they did some dancing before my daughter opened her gifts.

We had a wedding cake. Yes, I actually made a wedding cake! A simple one, but still! It was a two tier cake with white frosting, and decorated with silk flowers. I even used the wedding cake topper from my sister’s wedding! She actually insisted. She wanted her niece’s birthday to be almost as perfect as her wedding!

For the “Wedding” Favors, I bought all the girls dolls and dresses and chocolates.

Everyone said they’ve never been to a party like that and the girls  loved the theme.