Princess Party—Dragon Pinata—Age 7
Submitted by Maggie of Boise, Idaho

My daughter wanted a Princess party, but since there were going to be boys there (we have a lot of boys in our family), I wanted to incorporate a theme that would include everyone. So I put my thinking cap on and came up with a princess party where there could be a prince (played by her brother) and his knights that would save the princess from the dragon.

I downloaded a picture of a castle and placed it on the front of the card. Inside I wrote "Hear Ye, Hear Ye! All Ye Princesses and Knights of the Land! You are most cordially invited to attend the 7th birthday celebration of Princess Cara at the (our last name) Castle at (our address) in the Royal Kingdom.

So our family got to work on building a castle out of cardboard and I purchased a dragon piñata which the kids would destroy to get to the goodies.

We started the kids with some crafts—the boys decorated cardboard swords that we made before the party, while the girls decorated foam tiaras. While they made their crafts, my daughter excused herself to leave the room. When she didn’t come back after some time had passed, some kids started asking where she was. I said that I didn’t know and asked the kids if they wanted to look for her. I led them to our backyard to look for the missing princess with their swords in hand. All of a sudden, we heard someone calling for help. I turned to the others and asked “could that be her?” “Yes, it is, it’s her!” they all exclaimed. So we ran in the direction of the cries for help, and in our garage was my daughter with the dragon sitting in front of her, keeping her imprisoned. So I asked the boys if they could destroy the dragon with the swords and they immediately ran over to the piñata and started hitting it wth their swords until all the candy came flying out.

They all celebrated by having a royal lunch which was roasted chicken and cheesy potatoes. Chocolate and vanilla ice cream was served along with star shaped sugar cookies that I placed sticks into like wands.

We had a hunt for dragon eggs. I told them that the dragon dropped plenty of her eggs and asked them if they wanted to go on a Dragon Egg Hunt. These were Easter eggs with little trinkets inside them. Each kid had a chance to find an egg.

After they all found their eggs, we played music so they could play freeze dance. They danced until the music stopped, and then they had to freeze.

After the dance, it was time for cake. I made a castle cake, that was simply a square cake with turrets made out of ice cream cones that were placed upside down.