Puppy Party—Puppy Bowl—3 year old
Submitted by Cheryl of Green Bay, Wisconsin

For the invitation, I created a cute puppy face on one side of a folded piece of paper with the party details on the other side. I cut out a circle from brown construction paper, brown paper for the ears, wiggly eyes, a black pom pom for the nose and a piece of red paper for the tongue. I painted paw prints on white, brown and black balloons and tied them around in the front yard so everyone knew where the party was. I cut out paw prints and placed them on our property in front of the house and a few on the door. Inside where the party was, I placed more balloons around and more paw prints on the floor and even some on the wall!  My husband made a doghouse out of a cardboard box with some toys for the kids to have fun with.

We had 17 kids ranging in ages 2 to 6, so I was able to keep the activities pretty simple. When the kids arrived we brought them to the Dog Grooming Station where we gave them puppy ears that I made a few days before the party.
Dog Grooming-When the kids arrived we made puppy ears from headbands and brown felt fabric.  After the children were groomed, we played Puppy Bowl Relay where we had two teams. One child from each team would push a ball with the nose while crawling on the floor from the starting point on one side of the room to the end point on the other side of the room, bring it back to the starting point and the next kid would go. The team that finished first received a prize of puppy stickers. We gave some candy to the other team since the kids are so young. Then we played Puppy, Puppy Dog like Duck, Duck, Goose. We led them in a game I called Dog Trainer, which was basically Simon Says. Then it was time to eat, and of course, being a puppy party, what would be better to serve than hot dogs. We laid out a hot dog bar with all the trimmings, potato and macaroni salad, fruit salad, ice cream and puppy chow—a snack mix I made with cereal. After lunch, my son opened his presents. Afterwards,  the younger kids took a quick nap and we took some of the older ones and played Dig for Bones. I hid some toy bones as a back up for an extra game because I knew the younger ones may need some nap time. My son usually does! So when the other kids woke, we played Feed the Puppy. I drew a large puppy face on poster board and cut out a mouth. Then I gave everyone bean bags that they threw in the mouth. Then there was a quick game of Pin the Spot on the Puppy. After that was cake time! I made a very simple and cute puppy face. I made an 8 inch round cake. For the eyes, I took Oreos and took most of the frosting off and just left a little white circle. Then 2 Oreos for the ears, for the nose, I placed another Oreo and for the mouth and black licorice whiskers. Then I couldn’t resist giving him some paws, so I placed two cupcakes in front. Everyone thought it was adorable! At the end of the party, I gave out goody bags that I drew puppy faces on with mini stuffed dogs, puppy stickers and a lollipop.