Safari Party—Monkey See, Monkey Do—Age 6
Submitted by Sara of Baton Rouge, LA

Every time we go to the zoo, my son runs to the monkey cage and can sit there all day watching them. So for his birthday, I decided to host a safari party with an emphasis on monkeys.

For the invites, I placed animal prints on the border of a sheet of light brown paper leaving enough room in the middle to write Monkey See, Monkey Do. (My son) will have a great time at his Safari Birthday Party, and so will you.

We hung green vine streamers all around the party rooms to the entrance door so you felt like you were walking through the jungle. I placed a few balloon palm trees around. We had green and brown balloons all over. We had safari music playing in the background.

Barrel O' Monkeys - Have the kids line up on one side of the room.  Tell them that they are monkeys and they need to get to the treetops to escape the reach of the tiger (the birthday boy) who stands in the middle. When a monkey is tagged by the tiger, he links arms with him and tries to capture more monkeys for the monkey chain. As the monkey chain gets longer, it gets harder to move quickly to capture more monkeys. The last free monkey is the winner.

Monkey See, Monkey Do —After that, we played "Monkey See, Monkey Do".  We had the kids pick slips of paper out of a hat.  One had an X on it.  The others were blank.  The person who picked the X was the monkey.  They had to sit in a circle and the Monkey had to do a move, like clapping his hands.  The rest of the boys had to follow him.  The last person to join in received a point.  Whoever got 3 points first lost. Then someone else got to be the monkey.

After that, we played "Monkey in the Middle".  We stood in a huge circle and we picked out of a hat who would be the monkey first.  Whoever got an X was the monkey first.  He stood in the circle while the other boys in the circle threw a stuffed monkey to other people, but it could not be to a person next to you.  If the monkey in the middle caught it, then he would pick who would be the monkey next.  

Banana Hunt. I hid bananas around the rooms. I told the children that the monkey dropped his bananas all around the rooms and now he can’t remember where he dropped them. If you help him find his bananas, you’ll get a special treat (an animal coloring book).

The snack table had sandwiches, chips, cookies, juice and milk. For the birthday cake, I made one with a monkey face. This is a simple version that anyone can make. Frost the cake with chocolate frosting. For the mouth, take ivory colored icing and make a kidney shape. For the eyes, use Oreo cookies and pipe white icing around them. Pipe chocolate frosting for the nostrils and pipe red icing for the mouth. Place two Oreos on the side of the cake for the ears. The goody bags had animal finger puppets, animal bubble bottles, animal stickers and Runts candy.