Sesame Street Party—DIY Table Centerpieces—Age 2
Submitted by Colleen of Manchester, New Hampshire

I just had a party for my son who just turned two! I decided to throw him a Sesame Street party since there are so many fun characters and elements to add to a party for this age.

Invitations: I made Oscar in the trash can—I created a trash can with silver card stock by rolling it into a tube and sealing it shut. Then I took a cutout of Oscar that I made and placed him inside the trashcan letting him stick out just a little so he could be pulled out. I wrote DO NOT BEND on the envelopes, hoping it wouldn't get squashed. On the back of Oscar, I wrote ”Can you tell me how to get how to get to Sesame Street and the other details.

Decorations: I made a few centerpieces for the table. I made a lamp post centerpiece out of a paper towel roll painted green and used a styrofoam ball for the lightbulb and had a Big bird doll next to it. I taped gray paper around a small toy pail and placed a picture of Oscar the Grouch on it. A clear bowl had water and a plastic orange fish as Dorothy and and had a Elmo doll sitting beside it. I made a cookie monster cut out and placed a plate of chocolate chip cookies in front of him and as a snack for the children. On each table I created coloring books for the children to entertain them while we waited for all the guests to arrive. I made Oscar’s trashcan by rolling a poster board into that shape and painted it silver. I made a cutout of Oscar by printing a picture on legal size paper and placed on a board and cutting out the image. I taped the cutout on the inner top edge of the can. Everyone took turns throwing balls from paper that I was going to recycle.

Crafts and Activities: The children made Sesame Street character faces with pom poms the colors of the specific character, and then glued black pom pom noses and googly eyes. We had a Big Bird Nest Hunt—I told the kids that Big Bird has lost his little treasures in his nest and they looked for them in our kiddie pool that was filled with shredded brown paper and trinkets. With the assistance from parents, they made cookies out of Play-Doh and children’s cookie cutters. Pin the Cookie on Cookie Monsters Mouth—a cutout of the Cookie Monsters and cooked cut out of light brown paper with chocolate chips made with a Sharpie. Ernie’s Rubber Ducky Pond—with numbers at the bottom with coordinating prizes.

Food—We had mac and cheese and hot dogs for the kids and club sandwiches and potato and macaroni salads for the parents. We also had goldfish crackers for Elmo’s fish, chocolate chip cookies for the Cookie Monster, veggie chips with creamy dips, veggies and dip, fruit salad and ice cream.

Cake: I made a cake that looked like Cookie Monster. When the cake cooled off, I outlined his mouth with chocolate frosting and cut some cake out of the mouth. Then I made blue frosting and spread it all over the cake except for the mouth part and then I used a piping tip that made the frosting look like fur. Then I cut a marshmallow in half for the eyes and placed small chocolate candy on top of the marshmallow halves. Lastly, I placed a few chocolate chip cookies in the mouth.

Favor bags: I placed the trinkets that they found in Big Bird’s nest, bubbles, coloring pages and crayons, chocolate chip cookies and goldfish crackers in cute favor bags.