Sesame Street Party—First Big Party—1 year old
Submitted by Katie from Pittsburgh, PA.

My child always gets so excited every time he watches Sesame Street so I had a Sesame Street party for his first birthday.

I had my invitations made with pictures of each month of my baby’s first year. The printer I worked with made it into a postcard and I just wrote the invitations on the back.

I hung pictures of each month of my son’s first year in the party area and again on the tables. I decorated the party area with balloons in Sesame Street colors. The table was decorated with the same colors and I placed his Sesame Street dolls on the table and around in the party areas.

I wanted to keep the party as simple as possible since my son is one and the other children who were attending were between 1 and 9 years old and I didn’t want to overwhelm the kids or myself. We had about 24 kids and 30 adults there. I tried to make sure there were enough variety of games to accommodate all the age groups.

For the older kids I had some sports games set up for the boys and craft stations for the girls. My mom and sister helped me make Sesame Street puppets and we put on a show for the little ones with help from the others. I put out paint and paper for some finger painting. I placed fish crackers in a jar (Elmo’s fish, Dorothy) and played Guess How Many?

At the front of the yard I placed a lamp post that I made out of poster board and painted green.

The games were:
Throw the Garbage in the Trash Can—In one corner, I placed a trash can that I made out of poster board and painted silver. I gave out rolled up newspaper and there was a competition to see who can get the most garbage in the can. Place the cookie in Cookie Monster’s Mouth or Pin the Nose on Elmo. We rented a costume which my brother wore and the smile on my little boy’s face made it so worth it. Ernie’s Rubber Duck Pond—I placed a few rubber ducks in the kiddie pool and let the little ones have some free play with them. We played some Sesame Street DVD’s and sang songs to the little ones.

I made chocolate chip and sugar cookies for the Cookie Monster. For the little ones we served mac and cheese, cut up veggies and dip, chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies. For the adults and older children, we had burgers, chicken, cold pasta dishes and garden salad. Since I have a one year old, my guests brought food too!

My mom and my sister helped me make two birthday cakes to accommodate everyone and also a mini smash cake for my son and they helped me make all the food as well. They’ve been a godsend this past year with my first baby. The first cake was of Elmo and the other looked like the scene of Sesame Street.

For the gift bags, the smaller kids got a bag of homemade cookies, a rubber duck, and coloring pages and crayons and Sesame Street stickers. The older girls got costume jewelry and chocolate and the boys got bouncy balls and chocolate.

This was my very first “big” party that I hosted and even though I have a lot to learn and will have many years to practice (lol!), the one thing I have learned is to enjoy the process and the moment with your child! Good luck with your “first” birthday party.