Snow White Party—Wishing Well Invitation—Age 4
Submitted by Claire of Boston, MA

My daughter loves Snow White and has seen the movie more times than I can remember. She’s turning four but she had a lot of ideas for her own party!

The invitation: This was my daughter’s idea because the Wishing Well is her favorite part of the movie. I printed out the Wishing Well and on the top of the photo I wrote “Come make a wish at my Snow White Birthday Party! I’m wishing that your wish will come true!”

She wore her Snow White costume. She asked me to play the witch at the party, so of course I agreed. I wore a long black coat and a black witch’s hat and carried an apple in my hand.

I enlarged pictures of the dwarves and made cardboard backings for them and placed them on the floor so the kids could walk around them. We took pictures of the kids standing next to their favorite dwarf. I cut out miniature pictures of dwarves and placed them on the table with cardboard backings. Then I cut out a larger picture of Snow White and placed her in the center of the table with a small basket of apples. I used the color scheme of Snow White—red, yellow and blue—for the decorations and tableware

Activities: While the kids arrived and settled in, I had them play pick the poison apple. I had a basket of real apples and one plastic. While they could look at them but not touch, I had them decide which one was the poisonous one.  I made a wishing well and the kids could make a wish by dropping coins (pennies that I gave them) into a large bucket that I decorated to look like the well by painting paper to look like stone. I crinkled it a little to give it more of a stone look. Then they mined for jewels at the dwarves' mine—In a sandbox, I placed craft jewels which they mined for. The adults whistled the tune “Just Whistle While You Work during this activity! The kids really enjoyed that and even tried to whistle themselves! They got to decorate their own magic mirror. Once they found their jewels, they couldn’t wait to decorate their handheld mirrors that I gave them! They played a game of pass the poisonous apple. I gave them an apple to pass around for this Snow White version of hot potato!  Then they played which dwarf am I. We played a game of charades called which dwarf am I and held a contest where each child picked a dwarf name out of a hat, acted like that specific dwarf (with some assistance from their parents) and the other kids had to guess which one it was.

The Food: I figured that since I’m feeding children and dwarfs, miniature food would be best (lol)! We had mini pizzas, mini cupcakes and mini apple pies!Lots of apples-themed food of course—sliced apples with caramel dip, mini apple pies and apple juice. My daughter thought it would fun if we had cupcakes with all the pictures of the dwarfs. It wasn’t easy finding dwarf cupcake toppers, so I took an idea I saw on this site and created my own!
In the goody bags were Snow White coloring pages, a box of colored pencils, a whistle (Whistle While You Work), apple flavored candy, and their Magic Mirrors!

Thank you cards I placed a wishing well on the thank you cards as per my daughter’s wish! And she asked for this message to go into the thank you card! You made my wish come true by coming to my party. Thank you so much for your gift!

We wish your party planning goes just as well!