Space Party—Land on the Moon—Age 6—Grand Prize Winner
Submitted by Linda of Billings, Montana

INVITATIONS: I made rocketship invitations by rolling silver card stock into tubes and glued blue fins and orange and yellow flames at the bottom. My son has an astronaut costume he has worn at Halloween and I had a photo of him wearing it. I decreased the size of the photo and made cutouts of it and wrote the invitation on the back of the cutouts. I cut out a window at the top of the tubes so my son’s face was seen through it. I left a quarter inch of space above my son’s head on the cutouts and taped them onto red triangles for the rockets’ nose cone, so when you pulled the nose up you would pull the cutout out from the tube with the invite.
ACTIVITIES: We had a few activities in our basement, so I hung black tarp up to keep out as much light as possible. I used glow in the dark paint on large styrofoam balls to make planets and hung them from the ceiling. Glow in the dark stars were also hung. Christmas lights were hung for a little bit of light. We made jet packs with large plastic bottles that we spray painted silver and duct taped them together and duct taped string to each side so that they could be worn over their shoulders. Red and orange streamers were added to the bottom for the flames. We also gave them glow in the dark glasses and glow in the dark necklaces to wear. We started the party with a Land on the Moon mission race where everyone was timed. We brought our kids’ slide inside the basement and had a little more light in this corner so the kids could see the stairs and I stood beside it. We placed a few layers of bubble wrap all over the floor to make it feel like a moon walk. They put my son’s astronaut costume on, a pair of boots, their jet packs and a small American flag to carry. First, they climbed up into the rocket (the slide ladder that I stood beside) and then slide down onto the moon, take the flag and place it on the moon in styrofoam on the floor, find three moon rocks that were painted with glow in the dark paint, run up the ladder and down the slide again and run out and remove the astronaut suit where everyone applauded them on a successful trip. They handed over the suit to the next astronaut to make the same journey.

For a fun craft project, we had them make solar system models that they could hang in their bedrooms. To help save time, I pre-made a large portion of the crafts. I took white paper plates, drew orbits of the planets with the names written besides them and added holes for each planet and added string through the top center of the plate so they could be hung. I cut out different size circles for planets that the kids painted and then they glued string to them, pulled the other ends of the string through the holes on top of the plates and glued the string to the tops of the plates.

I made a solar system play station activity. I cut out different sized circles and used glow in the dark paint to decorate them like planets. I made the planets’ orbits with glow in the dark tape and placed the planets around according to how far they are from the sun. I had the kids stand in the center where the sun is. and they threw glow stick necklaces around the planets. Each planet had points assigned to them. The planets that are closer had lower points and the ones that are further away had the higher points. Whoever received the most points won.

FOOD AND CAKE: After the play station activity, we went upstairs which was decorated with planets and stars.The center of the tables had rockets made out of bottles that were spray painted with red, blue and silver paint. I used tablecloths, plates, cups and silverware in those same colors and sprinkled the tables with silver star confetti. The dessert table had a space cake and rock candy. For lunch, we had flying saucer pita bread sandwiches. We also served star-shaped fruit with chocolate dip and star shaped cookies. The cake was a rocket that I made with a template that I drew beforehand and placed on top of the cake as a guideline for cutting it. The head, fins and flames were triangle shaped and the body was rectangular. I took the leftover pieces and cut stars with my cookie cutter which went around the cake. I placed black cake boards that I cut to fit on a large cake tray. I placed my rocket cake and stars on the cake boards and sprinkled star sprinkles around.

GOODY BAGS: We handed out goody bags with glow in the dark bouncing balls, glow in the dark glasses, glow stick necklaces, rock candy and Milky Way bars. Thank you cards. About a week after the party, I sent out rocket shaped thank you cards and placed pictures of each child in the astronaut costume.