Spiderman Party—Web Slinging Gloves—Age 6—Grand Prize Winner
Submitted by Melissa of Philadelphia, Pa.

I made invitations on red card stock by drawing a cityscape with a black sharpie and a black web on top of the buildings and mounted a Spiderman image on the web. I left space above with a word bubble coming from Spiderman asking our guests to help him make the city safer by helping him catch the Green Goblin.

Decorations: I made a large spiderweb out of string for our door and placed a picture of Spiderman on it. I placed spiderwebs on our mailboxes and front yard bushes. In each room where we held party activities, I painted red cityscapes which I decorated our walls with. On top of them were large black webs made of streamers with Spiderman cutouts mounted on them. We also had large webs on the ceiling.

On the tables in our dining room, I made the table with a red tablecloth and placed black streamers in the shape of a web. I made a cityscape by transforming milk cartons into tall buildings. I glued string to the buildings and put a plastic Spiderman on top of one. I created a street road on the table with black tape going down the center and placed some matchbox cars on the tape.

When the children arrived, I gave out white mittens and I said hat they were web-slinging gloves. I cut the fingers off and sewed webs on with black thread. I told them that once they put their web-slinging gloves on, they would have the same super powers as Spiderman and would be able to help him out. They all jumped for joy upon hearing that. Then the Green Goblin, my husband wearing green face paint, came out and said “I bet you can’t catch me now” and started running around in a circle. They all ran after him using their mittens to throw a black yarn web to each other to catch him. by the time they caught him, he and most of the kids were tangled in the web.

Catch the Green Goblin Relay—We took two boxes and cut out one side out of both of them, painted them green and placed the boxes on one side of the room. I took an image of the Green Goblin and decreased the size of it to half an inch and used photo editing to make him all green so the image would be harder to find. I made copies for all the kids and taped the copies inside the boxes. The kids from each team had to run to the boxes, find a Green Goblin and bring it back and the next person would run and find their Green Goblin. The team to bring all their Green Goblins back first won.

Then we sat down to have mini pizza spider webs. I used string cheese to form webs on the pizzas and I was happy to see that the cheese maintained the web shapes after I cooked them. I placed gummy spiders on top of the pizzas right before I served them. I made a veggie plate with a small round dish of dip that I placed carrot “legs” in.

There was an exciting game where the kids became Spiderman and used their web to swing between buildings. We took pieces of rope and formed a spider web underneath the top of our porch cover and then let the ends hang low enough for the kids to reach them. I drew buildings on 8 x 11” sheets of paper and placed strategically placed them on the ground. The objective of the game was to swing from the ropes and jump and land on a building. I asked the kids if they can be like Spiderman and use the web to swing from building to building and they immediately ran to the ropes to become Spiderman.

At last, we had them go through a spider web maze to retrieve their party favors. I cut long pieces of yarn and tied them to the handles of the goody bags and hid the bags underneath couch and chair cushions, pillows, and small pieces of furniture and wrapped the yarn around my furniture to form a tangled spider web. They each found a end of a piece of yarn, untangle them and followed their pieces to their party favor bags. I decorated red party bags with Spiderman images and put  Spiderman action figures, Green Goblin green silly putty and spiderman candy in them.

I made a Spiderman web cake on top of a cityscape cake. First I frosted a 10” round cake blue and then drew buildings on the side of it. Then I frosted an 8” round cake red and drew a black web on top. I placed the 8” cake on top of the 10” one and put my son’s plastic Spiderman in the center on top of the web.