Star Wars Party—Spaceship Pinata—Age 8—Grand Prize Winner
Submitted by Diane, Phoenix, Arizona

For Star Wars invitations, I used bold yellow print on black cardstock. On the top, I typed Star Wars in all caps with a yellow outline for the letters and then went over the outline with a yellow highlighter. On each side of the logo, I drew two lightsabers, one with a blue highlighting pen and one with a red highlighting pen. Then I used a small font for the first line and increased the font size with each subsequent line. The text went like this: In a galaxy far, far away, on (date) and (year), was born a baby boy. The Jedi Council knew he was the Chosen One. This young Jedi has been in training and requests the presence of young Padawans to Jedi Training at (child’ name) 8th birthday party. Below the text, I placed a picture of the Star Wars characters.

We divided the room by making one side the Light Side with blue and green balloons and streamers and the Dark side with red and black balloons and streamers. We set two tables side by side with one decorated as the Light side with a blue tablecloth, plates, cups, napkins and plastic ware and the other was dressed up for the Dark side with red. We had black tablecloths with star confetti, white plates and cups, Star Wars figures in the table, homemade starships created by my sons, which started out as a paper airplane out of construction paper that they shaped into spaceships. On the wall behind the table where the Star Wars cake was displayed, I took two gift wrapping tubes and decorated them as light sabers—one was blue and one was red with electrical tape at the ends. For the Star Wars logo, I printed each individual letter on 9x14” paper. On top of the light sabers, I took two black poster boards and I painted the outline of the letters of STAR WARS in neon yellow.

I customized Padawan outfits with tunics that were sewn from light brown cotton. I made similar white cotton tunics for the girls.  We also gave out light sabers made out of blue and red lightsabers and wrapped the ends with electrical tape. We gave them Light Side and Dark side stickers and markers to personalize them.

When they were done personalizing their lightsabers, my husband came in as Obi Wan with a friend who played a Jedi and they demonstrated a battle using their lightsabers. After they demonstrated several techniques and they explained a few rules of safety, like not hitting anyone above the neck, my husband called on our Padawan son to battle with him. Then he called each child up individually. They became so excited to get private training with Obi Wan. When their light saber training was complete, we let them battle with their light sabers amongst themselves.

Then it was on to the first mission, which was to search for Princess Leia and fight the Dark Side who were going to try to stop them. We created a maze with boxes outside and they had to find their way through to get to Princess Leia. But they also encountered members of the Dark Force which were played by the adults who’s job it was to stop the kids from getting through. Both parents and kids had water guns. If the kids hit the adults first, that Dark Side character would be destroyed and would fall to the ground. If the parents hit a kid first, the kids had to work as a team to carry the wounded to safety. When they got through the whole maze, quite a few kids were wounded, and we were happy to see that they worked as a team to get everyone out. They were a little and tired but quickly revived when they saw the enemy starship that held Princess Leia. The second mission was to save Princess Leia from the enemy spaceship.

We made this enormous spaceship where Princess Leia was held captive. The spaceship didn’t come out exactly as planned, but the kids did get excited about it. We painted butcher paper a dark silver color and made the body of the spaceship similar to a paper airplane, painted it silver and placed balloons in them. Then I took cardboard and cut wings, painted them silver and added markings with a magic marker and taped them to the bottom of the body of the ship. I tied rope around the wings and suspended the ship from a tree for the kids to hit it with their light sabers. They exchanged their water guns for their light sabers and broke the spaceship like a piñata and all the balloons fell out. All the balloons were red but only one of them had a picture of Princess Leia and they popped the balloons to find her to help her escape from the Dark Side.

Afterward they found Princess Leia, they had a Star Wars lunch with Padawan Pizza, chocolate chip and oatmeal Wookie Cookies, jumbo pretzel stick Light Sabers dipped in chocolate and dipped in blue sprinkles and red sprinkles and wrapped some foil on the ends and Yoda Sodas. Then my son opened his presents.
The next mission was to release Hans Solo from carbonite. The evening before, I placed a Hans Solo figure in a large  container of water, added green food coloring and put it in my freezer in the basement. This mission took place in our yard. I printed Star Wars characters and placed them around. The Light Side characters were printed on blue paper and meant you were getting closer to Hans Solo and the Dark side characters were printed on red paper and meant you were getting further away from him. A picture of Hans Solo on the freezer finally gave the final clue and they opened it to find a frozen Hans Solo. I brought the container outside and they proceeded to rescue him with their water guns.

The last activity was to duel with Darth Vadar. My husband came out wearing a Darth Vadar mask and long black coat and black pants. You could have heard a pin drop when my husband entered the room. The kids first fought him individually and then all at once. My husband handled himself quite well and even let the kids destroy him. He fell down and before his head hit the ground he said “When I left you, I was but the learner, now I am the master.” My son was standing in front of him at that point to take one last swing and as he did he said “Only a master of evil, Darth” before Darth Vadar’s head hit the floor and there was a big applause and jumping up and down and the kids yelling “Yay, we did it!”. I announced that congratulations are in order and brought them to the cake. It was a cake decorated with blue icing and I wrote Star Wars on top with white icing and May The Force Be With You for my son. Underneath the logo, were blue and red light sabers by icing pretzel rods and wrapping the ends with foil. Star Wars figures topped it off.

As the kids were leaving, my son gave out goody bags with Star Wars written on them action figures, glow in the dark balls and Star Wars Pez dispensers.