Train Party—Three Towns—Age 4
Submitted by Annmarie from Bismarck, North Dakota

My son gets so excited when we ride on the train, or even when he sees or hears a train, so it was quite obvious what kind of party I was going to give him for his 4th birthday. All he needed was to hear the word train and he was onboard.

Invitations—I ordered invites online with a cute cartoonish train on it. Get in our homemade trains and travel to our different towns for a variety of fun at Jake’s 4th Train birthday party.

Decorations: On our door, I taped black streamers for tracks and placed train stickers on them. Inside, for the party tables, I used butcher paper as a tablecloth and placed crayons at each place setting so they could draw on it. I made train tracks in the center of the table with my kid’s train toys and tied red, blue and yellow balloons to the trains.

When my guests came, my son gave out train conductor hats and whistles.

Activities: I got this idea to take three rooms in my house and turn them into different towns with different activities. First I made trains out of cardboard boxes by removing the top and bottom flaps and painting them like trains so the kids could run with them to the different towns. Then I made cardboard train station signs with the name of each town. I also made train signals out of cardboard and painted large red, yellow and green circles on the cardboard and painted the rest of the cardboard black and placed the train signals at each doorway. There was also a railway crossing outside each room. And to complete the scenes, I painted roads, hills and trees on butcher paper and placed it on the walls that the kids were passing through to get to each “town.” Then I added railroad tracks with black tape on the floor. The kids loved running through the hallways in their trains and were excited to see what each town had in store for them. These were towns:

The first stop was the living room which was called Play Town—They got to throw bean bags (coal) into an engine which was a box that I painted black. I made the beanbags myself with fleece fabric and beans.

The next stop was my children’s playroom which was called Art Town—I bought these cute wooden train cutouts (which were reasonably priced) that they painted.

And the last stop was the kitchen which was called Cookie Town—I made cookies with train-shaped cookie cutters and gave out icing so they could decorate their own cookies.

Food—I made hamburgers and cheeseburgers with wheel shaped pasta salad, wheel-shaped pretzels and the cookies they decorated.

After they ate, I had a few more activities planned Those were Pin the Hat on the Conductor, Train Conductor Says and
Musical Stations like Musical chairs and we got them to say Choot Choot when they ran around the chairs.

Then they ready for cake! I made a 9 x 13 sheet cake with a train track made with black licorice, chocolate roads, pine trees made from layered frosting and placed train car cookies that I made before the party.

Goody bags: The train conductor hats, whistles, their train cutouts, and a bag of extra train-shaped cookies that I made.